our loss their gain?

i is sad today. (SSD’s gonna get jealous upset again but still must post!) cos i is sad.

got a rude shock when su announced that today was D’s last day. 4 of us just stared open-mouthed at her and D, shocked into silence. it never occurred to me that he would leave at this point of time cos he was still studying part-time and his wife expecting a son soon. then i found out that it wasn’t his choice.

it was obvious in his expression and sms-es that he was sad to leave, and my respect for ST went down a notch. he must have had something to do with it. but what’s done is done. hope D pulls through.

first 妈 and now D.

when i first came in, 妈 was the one who patiently taught me the various admin and project coordination stuff, giving me all the help i needed. when she left, she generously gave me all her notes which she accumulated over the years, so that it’ll be easier for me. even now, i still complain to her and she listens to all my vents. and most importantly, she understands me and what i have to go through because she went through the exact same thing! =(

when i first came in, we only had 1 engineer, D. which was why i went to him for all site and technical matters. same as 妈, he patiently taught and explained and guided me through. he also wouldn’t bother us coordinators unnecessarily unless he really needed help. he came across to me as a jovial person who could crack lame jokes whatever the situation. which was why i could click with him. eg. vict and i have gone through the whole sicc shit and even gotten teased about our “relationship” but seriously, he is weird. i prefer to ask D for help anytime.

even though i have grown closer to the rest of them, especially 亲爱的, 妈 and D are special i guess. and now they’re both gone. SO I IS SAD! 😦

… …

guess i better stop before SSD drowns in vinegar. lols. =\ dinner at coffee club. we’re running out of places to eat!

our passionfruit smoothie. tangy and refreshing! but the seeds were a little too…crunchy for my liking.

my grilled fish fillet with salmon mousse. the mousse was inside the fish and had zero salmon taste. carrot-y sauce at the bottom was nicer. fish was not too bad though.

SSD’s slipper lobster linguini. this one is a must-try! the ‘lobsters’ were fresh, but the main attraction was the pasta. i don’t know how to describe it. just super yummy! 😀 (ps. slipper lobster is a type of crayfish. boo-hoo.)

the end! =)



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