food is an important part of a balanced diet.

went for japanese buffet dinner again, this time at senki, a little 2-storey shophouse restaurant at somerset.

this one has salmon on the top and some crispy thingy inside. nice!

complimentary salmon head.

cheese chawanmushi. it has a thick top layer of yummy sticky cheese. but the egg itself didn’t have much taste.

handrolls. STILL riverview hotel temaki ftw. lol.

peach and mango salad. refreshing.

shiitake mushrooms. no idea how it was cooked. sprinkled the red pepper powder thing on it. absolutely delicious!

salmon skin inside. not too bad too.

and most importantly, sashimi! 😀 salmon was nice, while the octopus was surprisingly not too chewy. the rest were so-so only.

of course we ordered more than this, but no point posting ALL the photos right? best to make that trip yourself. it adds up to around $38 per pax. =)

… …

more food again today. dimsum breakfast at 汕头. didn’t eat alot but still felt so full. leftover from yesterday? lols.

popped down orchard for some shopping and bought a maxi. happy that i have 1 more set of clothes to wear. but sad that my expenses for april is gonna hit the reds soon. sighh. i realize the clothes now are so expensive! at least to me. and i think it’s my problem. cos everyone else thinks its okay. tsk.

after SSD’s haircut, we went for dinner at domani. it’s this spaghetti cafe which i wanted to try ages ago. i think it was during like, poly days? -_-

SSD ate slipper lobster linguine again. it has more crayfish, but honestly, coffee club’s was much better.

my creamy salmon/mushroom linguine. added lots of cheese. must-try!

our mocha frap. pretty much bland.

ambience was rather nice and they added a candlelight, probably because it was dinnertime. but unfortunately, the food isn’t fantastic and prices are high for a cafe. breeks/coffee club anytime. tsk. (photos taken today are reason to bring sotongball everywhere i go, no matter how heavy my bag is.)

2 more days till workday. i need more sleep! =(



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