latest craving: pasta?

after the spaghetti dinner at domani last week, i seemed to have pasta craving all the time. and so, when we went out for dinner at swenson’s to celebrate PL’s birthday, guess what i had?

salmon and mushroom pasta! covered the top with a thick layer of cheese and it was so yums! sauce was nice, mushrooms were aplenty, and i liked the salmon in particular. it looked like the normal cooked salmon but with a salty smoked salmon taste. too bad there were only a few pieces.

chilli crab pasta. according to LP, “i’ve never eaten such flavorful pasta before!” lols. it’s soft shell crab by the way. i no likes.

chicken baked rice. 亲爱的 got no comments. =\

spicy grilled chicken burger. PL’s an avid fan of swenson’s and must have tried probably all the dishes already. so anything she chooses must be good! lol.

deep fried mushrooms. all time fav!

shared a mango lychee. not too bad.

and PL’s firehouse happy birthday ice cream, with macadamia nut, black forest and butterscotch.

spent a good 2 hours there just laughing and bitching and complaining and gossiping. it’s times like these that make me unwilling to leave. sad.

i wore my new dress out today. bought it at amk while shopping for PL’s present. totally 一见钟情 with it. love the corset-like details at the top. belted it and overall it made me a happy girl today! ^^ i should probably dress up everyday. it makes me happier. hmmmm.

when i came home, guess what arrived?!

my samples from samplestore……

…and my funky charger! 😀

previously i mentioned i wanted the pitter patter one but did a last minute switch to this hearts overload. pretty? =) quality looks so-so though and it’s still recharging, so i sure hope it works well. *cross fingers*

haven’t seen SSD for 5 days. miss him much. boo.



One thought on “latest craving: pasta?

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