Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?

nice song. even though i’m not a fan of 刘德华.

… …

the hot weather plus headache plus cramp left me in a horribly moody mood the whole day. headed out for dinner without a proper destination: planning fail. we ended up at this seafood restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

number 1 fail – parking space was small and cramped, so we just parked at the side. number 2 fail – horrible service attitude. i do not appreciate being shouted at. nor sitting under the sun. number 3 fail – they only have dinner sets today. when we asked if we could order something else… “不可以! 我刚才都说了,只有套餐!” polite much?

number 4 fail – pickled veggies, chilli, ice box..all left in the open with flies buzzing around them. for the first time, i felt disgusted enough to actually clean the plates and bowls etc before using. we left the pickled veggies untouched because we saw something flying out of it. only to realize that small dish costs $2. -_- number 5 fail – the food.

fried onions or fried sotong? you decide. my mum commented to the waitress about the lack of sotong, and she replied with a “hrm.” how polite.

we ordered the set meal for 4-6 pax. does this plate of veggies look like it was enough for 6 people?

this was probably the most edible dish – lobster porridge. oh i certainly enjoyed the as-big-as-prawns lobsters and watery porridge. so nice! *sarcasm* but i shall be fair and say that the ‘soup’ wasn’t too bad.

this is classic. fried chicken bones. oh look, they left some meat for us. how thoughtful of them!

there was another steamed fish dish that i forgot to take a photo of. so it’s up to you to believe. it was barely warm, and i think the poor fish was on a strict diet. even skinnier than SSD. -_-

and last dish, hello tomato-sauce crab! bland, not spicy, no chilli-crab taste at all. have never tasted crab this horribly un-fresh. need i say more?

number 6 fail – the price. the crab was additional order, and apparently they forgot to count it in. SERVE THEM RIGHT! but it also meant that the rest of the 5 dishes cost $168. add the drinks and gst/service charge (for such poor service?), it was $195.

do you think it was worth? if you think it is, read this: lunch for 6.5 pax yesterday at the jap restaurant, with all the fresh sashimi and stuff, costs $160.

MAD R-I-P O-F-F!! do yourself a favor and avoid this place.



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