help, i’m turning fat!!

10/05: dinner with 亲爱的 at AMK hub MOF while shopping for LP’s present. haven’t eaten tomato pasta for a long time already and i must admit my salmon avocado tasted great! her tuna salad and sandwich was pretty normal. the bread had a faint hint of coffee. ice macha was below expectations.

11/05: 1-for-1 pasta at nex swensens with SSD. my crayfish pasta was not too bad, but SSD’s black pepper seafood pasta was kinda weird. he likes it though. got another mushroom pizza to share. full of yummy cheese and pasta!

12/05: restaurant introduced by SSD. my fish-and-chips were pretty normal, so is SSD’s seafood pasta. and the fries. lol. but i love the mushroom soup! reminds me of manhattan’s. ^^

14/05: SSD gave us a treat at seafood international. we got the set for 6 pax but it wasn’t even enough for 5 of us! so we got an additional seafood fried rice. there were weird dishes like the flaming prawns, which the ‘cook’ cooked it in front of us. and the salt-baked fish. with the eggplant and super spicy sauces. weird but tasty! but i love the scallops most! yums! 😀

hope my allergy reaction doesn’t come back. *cross fingers* with so much good food, HOW NOT TO GET FAT YOU TELL ME!?!


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