meows ~

it feels so good to be saying this: i am serving my notice period! 😀

yes yes, i quit my job. no no, i haven’t found another job. so why have i made myself jobless? because i cannot freaking stand that bitch anymore!! lols. just kidding. i’m not that 潇洒.

the fact is, i’m going back to school! it’s a one year degree course that cost me almost 20k. and you know what? it’s for the sake of i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t. not because i will get a higher pay. not because of better career opportunities. but solely for interest. of course, i hope to develop a career in this field, but the main thing on my mind currently is to finish the darn course. and enjoy it!

so yes, 3 more weeks to bye bye RT. they offered me a part-time position when they learned my classes are at night.

think i’m dumb enough? tsk.

… …

some time ago, i received these ginvera samples in my mail. (they came with a underpaid postage fine which up till now i have no idea how to pay.) i’m not sure if the free samples are still on now, but here’s my take on them.

green tea nude cover bb cream

i used just once, and dumped the rest away. lol. it gave my complexion a sickly, dull, greyish tone which i immediately disliked. it was also pretty watery, which probably caused the lack of coverage. so personally, bb cream phail.

green tea aqua whitening cream

oil control? like real! i think it made my face even more oily. tsk. no whitening effect whatsoever, but i’m still using it as a night cream since it doesn’t break me out and my laneige is finished. scent is pretty nice too.

… …

bro is having his 21st birthday party at home tomorrow later, and since my dad said it’ll also be a mini house warming, i thought i’ll finish what i started a few months ago.

no need to tell me they’re slanted; i know i know. eh not easy one leh! =X

you know what? i mad loves!! 😀 but i must have kept it for too long; the adhesive isn’t working well anymore and they’re starting to peel at the edges. i suppose it won’t last very long. at least, i don’t have to worry about it peeling my paint off.

off to bed!



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