been over a week since i last updated. let’s see if i can remember what happened.


remember the pretty wall decals i painstakingly stuck up? part of it fell off during the night.

so sad la! so i peeled off the entire thing. thankfully the other kitty one remained intact. i wonder how long it’ll last. hmmmm.

party came and went. mostly was in the room gaming watching teaching SSD to play maple. lols. food was so-so; no pics cos wasn’t really interested. cooper came, and was one of the mini stars of the night!

yes he’s on my bed. no it was unintentional. boo. and of cos, the birthday cake.

i think i watched c.l.i.f till 3 plus in the morning. and i heard the remaining of them drank till 5 plus in the morning. madness.


kungfu panda 2 is cute! i likes. and it’s probably one of our shortest pak-tor sessions cos we just went out, watched the show, and came home. lols too tired!


dinner at AMK jacks place, again. dunno why we must celebrate our birthdays at jacks place. lols. nothing special really.


i had orientation at school in the morning, supposedly from 9am to 12pm. it ended around 10.45am instead. and for the 90mins, we just sat there listening to school’s history and facilities and etc etc. boring! but better than playing stupid games.

then went town to shop for father’s day gift. i hope he likes his liverpool jersey. =\ and then to ah ma’s for dinner.


dinner at ah gong’s. tired and bored.


first day of school! aren’t you excited? =)



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