to new york, china & japan…

dinner at manhattan’s china square with aunt and SSD last night. she bought some fish n chips coupons from groupon for $6 each. original price was $13.90. worth much? but we added some sides so the total bill for 3 of us added up to almost $44. still ex lor!

… …

then had to wake up early this morning in order to meet SSD at woodlands bedok. went to his cousin’s place for 满月 lunch. thankfully we only sat for a short while, before both of us headed off to raffles place.

remember back then during my blog post about the pompeii exhibition, i mentioned why there isn’t an ancient china exhibition. THEY HEARD ME!

(terracotta warriors @ wiki)

quite a huge crowd turned up and as the place was small, it was rather messy and squeezy. but i suppose i should have expected this from a popular exhibition.

it touched mainly on burial and life after death in ancient china, while i was more interested in the ‘forbidden kingdom’ part of it. there were quite a number of artifacts on display, though they didn’t seem to capture my interest.

luckily, my main reason for going did not disappoint. (archeologists sounds like a fun job!)

this one i know! an archer!! =)

part of the making.

eyeopener much? i think the most amazing thing is, they have this notice outside the gallery for you to download this free ACM app. inside the exhibition, there were several pictures like these:

and when you view it through the app cam, it turns out like:

all can move one! so cool right? here’s another one.

i have no idea how they do it, but just so cool lor. lols.

there was another exhibition outside; they never state what it was about though. i think it was more on sumatra / javanese tribes or something. there’s also this area on buddhism, with some statues on display.

quite boring. hmmm. spent about an hour or so inside. overall experience was quite disappointing. but considering the price (normal admission is $8/pax, but passioncard holders pay $4/pax!), i suppose it’s an okay way to pass time.

… …

walked to suntec and around before deciding to try out the newly-opened sushi express at citylink mall. at $1.80/plate, it’s slightly more expensive than suki’s $1.19/plate. however, the ingredients used are definitely fresher and nicer than suki’s.

for starters, the miso soup (also $1.80) came in a big bowl with not only tofu, but also salmon bits inside. tasted pretty different from the usual ones. i mainly gorged on their salmon sushi, salmon sashimi, and a must try, grilled salmon belly sushi. so so yummy! oh by the way, FOC free-flow hot green tea. definitely will drop by again if i’m in the area. 😀

(damn now i’m hungry.)



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