my new CPU has a name: shit

i take back what i mentioned in my previous post. about the new CPU. i’m writing this in a fit of anger so it’ll probably be biased. but i don’t give a damn. 👿

have just spent an utterly pissed and unhappy week, mainly due to this huge piece of shit. i don’t care if it has great specs; it can’t even fulfil my basic needs for a computer.

so on wednesday night after class, i turned on shit (yes it shall be called shit from now on), sent my draft sales report to classmate, and guess what? the CPU exploded on me. well not exactly exploded, but there was a huge ‘pop’ and the computer died. seconds later, another huge pop, and the whole house blackout-ed. we tested the plugs one by one and confirmed it was shit causing the problem.

the shop where i bought it from, videopro, said only can bring down on thursday or friday, cos they’re tied up on weekends. normally this would piss me off even more, but i needed it urgently, so we brought it down on friday. (had to borrow mum’s ancient comp to submit my PDW report. a.k.a shit is worse than ancient.)

the guy couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so we had to leave it there. they called me this afternoon, and said it was to do with some batch problem with the power supply. i switched to their recommended brand (but still not happy i have to top up) and tested it there. so far so good.

back home, also so far so good. after my bath, my internet showed no connection. thankfully i had already submitted my F&B report earlier. i gave up trying after restarting a few times and it still didn’t work, thinking it’ll go back to normal after some time. so i plugged in my external harddisk, prepared to start on my assignment, and you know what? CANNOT FREAKING READ the disk! *face palm*

can you imagine how super duper pissed i was? no internet, cannot do research, never mind. want to do report, inside harddisk, also cannot read! then what CAN i do? thankfully it’s all settled now but i can’t help but half expect some problem or other popping out any moment. and i’ll probably go mad if it did. 😕

anyway, on a lighter note, 2 reports down, 2 more to go! am not gonna think about the presentation next week, and 5 more assignments due by the time this term is over. and the 3 exam papers. and we booked our trip this afternoon! 8 days of fun to look forward to. muacks SSD!

(p.s. i’m not trying to defame videopro; just sharing my experience. but after this first-hand encounter with shitty sim lim square, i doubt i’ll be returning.)

… …

here’s another one of my enemies. the tape just won’t break when i need it to!

but i suppose this one is a bit 自找, cos i ignored my gut feeling to get the liquid ones instead. sobs.


edit: now speakers aren’t working. GREAT! i seriously think technology hates me.


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