just to share

we got back our DISC results today, from the test done 2 weeks ago. here’s mine:

S’s are stable and shy types. they do not like changes. they enjoy pleasing people and can consistently do the same job. secure, non-threatening surroundings are important to them. they make the best friends because they are so forgiving. other people sometimes take advantage of them.

they need to be stronger and learn how to stay ‘no’ to a friend who wants them to do wrong. talking in front of large crowds is difficult for them. they are motivated by sweet and sincere opportunities to help others.

so NOW you know. if you need my help, just act sweet and sincere! rofl. 😛

we did the MBTI test before that so here’s mine:

protectors (ISFJ) are patient, modest and diligent. they show great compassion and support for others – often by taking care of the day-to-day practical details. they are not particularly interested in logical or technical things, preferring a more personal touch and they enjoy being helpful, persistent, organized and thorough.

this is just the summary so it doesn’t seem very true. but the breakdown is like, damn accurate lor. in fact, i think both tests are. what do you think? true??

… …

how i decide on dinner/supper: if someone presses the bell for the kopitiam stop, then i’ll buy food. otherwise i’ll just head straight home. problem is, that stop is where majority of the passengers get off. so i suppose i’m stuck with fatty dinner/supper for the rest of school life. sobs.



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