i love weekends~!

why do i? because after all the food scrimping throughout the week, i get good food on weekends! 😀

our second time here at vivo’s outlet. made an early reservation and we finally got a corner window seat this time. can see sentosa! =\

tempted to order tenzaru again, but spotted this dish – spicy prawn pasta, with the chef’s recommendation icon. so i got this instead! the pasta looked plain but it was abit spicy and so so ‘prawny’. i like! the prawns tasted slightly bbq-ed/grilled too. nice~

SSD had this tori udon thingy. udon was normal, but i like the soup! faint taste of chicken and onions.

ordered the salmon handroll again (even though i STILL prefer riverview hotel’s), cos i wanted some salmon. pretty normal, except they stuck the veggie in so deep that i had to eat it. and it had this weird taste so it kinda spoiled the whole handroll. sobs.

SSD went to order this salmon sashimi. mad expensive! but got 幸福的感觉~! 😛

burned a rather big hole in SSD’s pocket. i hope he doesn’t mind. lols. /muacks.

… …

guess where we went after dinner?

yep! we visited the sentosa boardwalk! a very romantic and dimly lit ‘bridge’ leading to sentosa. nice and windy with lots of seats around too. a pity sotongball sucks at night shots.

… …

and before dinner, we went to watch bridesmaids! (yes i know the events don’t flow but food makes me excited. rofl.)

it stated M18 with sexual references and some coarse language. well, some is an understatement. not that i minded. lols. though i have to admit the opening scene kinda…surprised me. -__-”’

anyway, it was a funny and heartwarming movie about friendship. and i nearly teared at the end. sometimes i wish in reality, people were that quick to forgive and forget. too bad it doesn’t.

… …

gonna love next week cos i’ve only got 2 days of class. plus the massage. and meeting my girls! happy!! ^o^



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