i misses you. all.

yesterday was fun. even though i overslept and didn’t do much gaming or report.

went for another massage session. after such a long time. the masseuse was nice. it was painful, but super shiok that i nearly fell asleep. lol. and blasted $630 after that. though considering it’s somewhat spread into 9 months. hmmmm.

then met dear zhu and cher. after such a long time too. it felt somehow wonderfully weird having a girly night out cos it’s been like, almost a month since i’ve had such lovely girly meetups. classmates now just don’t give me that feeling as old friends and ex-colleagues do.

anyway, we walked around and decided upon this chinese restaurant, i think due to its aircon and quiet ambience. (forgot to bring sotongball out today, which explains the sucky froggie photos.)

we chose the upper level, and together with the lower level, there were like, 4 or 5 tables occupied only. but ironically, food took damn long to arrive. zhu’s black pepper chicken noodle thingy.

cher’s beef noodle thingy. smelt so nice. =\

and my seafood horfun was the last to arrive. like, 30 minutes later? though seafood is pretty much the easiest to cook. lol.

it was very good actually. in fact i think they all were pretty good. price was reasonable and no service charge/gst. would probably go back IF i happen to pass by there, not too hungry, and don’t mind the long long wait. 😛

and then dessert time! cher said i intro-ed her this dessert stall but i totally can’t remember doing that. my memory’s deteriorating! *gasps in shock*

my first time trying milk pudding. was kinda weird at first but in the end i decided i quite like it! there’s this strong milky taste and a egg-white aftertaste. nice!

mango and pomelo thingy. too sweet for my liking i guess.

headed to ann siang hill for drinks. okay i admit i seldom go there. in fact, it’s my 2nd time there and the first was with them too. noisy pubs just aren’t my thing. i think i’ll stick to my same old empty and quiet clarke quay riverside pub.

they chose this small, blue-ish, noisy pub that looked quite crowded from the outside but surprisingly rather empty inside. pretty purple lights!

finally had my long island. missed it so much! this one still pales in comparison to harry’s though. and much more ex! =\

cher’s irish bailey. nice chocolate milk taste. but so rich and creamy; i’ll stay on my island. 🙂

zhu’s sweet lychee martini. with 3 big fat lychees. lols.

last night was loves. can we have more of this? even though i’ll be broke. 😀

… …

slept a couple of hours and woke up at 6am for breakfast. SSD’s off to JB today. so it’s gaming and report-writing for me. hmmm. game first! =X



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