an obligatory NDP post

happy 46th birthday! 🙂

… …

SSD and i spent the first half of the day watching twisted (撞鬼).

it was free because we had sponsors to ‘support local production’. and i see why they need to do that. it was horribly LAME. even with me peeking through my shawl almost 90% of the time. -_-”’

there was no storyline (or too cheem that i don’t understand), and humor was so scarce i don’t think it can be considered a comedy. it was just….scary. that’s all. i shall be nice (or bad) and give you all main spoilers so you don’t have to waste your time and money.

story 1 –  ah beng drug dealer and his mistress are quarreling in his new car while driving at night. she’s upset that he asked her to abort their baby, so she threatens to die. ah beng drives faster and faster to scare her, down a lonely stretch of road, and crashes into the rocks. she flies out of the car and dies. ah beng tries to walk around, un-fruitfully in circles, ending up back at the car. her ghost come back to kill him, and they fight, with him supposedly strangled to death. cops arrive, and find her shoe. apparently she already drowned the week before.

story 2 – 4 flight attendants on a trip to somewhere and spend the night partying. 2 guys spike the drink of the other 2 gals, hoping to get them into bed. in separate rooms, one gal (tracy) accidentally trips and knocks her head. the other gal (linda) was saved by a friend, became worried about tracy, and asks friend to check it out. he brings the manager to open the door, and find the 2 guys and tracy’s body. afraid of being found out, they killed the latter 2 guys. linda tries to look for them, getting kidnapped while doing so. while disposing their bodies at the carpark, linda ends up killing both of them, and goes mad. -_-

story 3 – 2 conman make a living by pretending to perform exorcisms. one day, a real case happens. the ‘master’, who has some exorcism training by his father, tries to help. he discovers that the young girl was possessed by her father, who was killed by his wife/her mother. while leaving, these 2 conman accidentally cause the ah beng drug dealer to crash his car. they offer to repair it at their workshop, which in turn links back to the first story, where the ah beng collects his new car before meeting the mistress. oh yeah, at the end of the show, ah beng is given the death penalty for drug dealing, which means he didn’t die in the first story.

that’s about it. seriously a waste of my time. should have slept longer. @_@

… …

after suki breakfast/lunch, we went to UOB to meet up with his family, before heading to the padang. it’s this ntuc income ndp event which we also attended last year.

red and white umbrellas everywhere. apparently young ntuc is trying to break its own record of the largest human flag. we did several trial runs, opening and closing our umbrellas, before the whole thing was aired live, or so we were told.

other stuff:

pretty sea of little blue shimmering lights!

left a little before 8pm and split ways. we went nearer the esplanade to catch the fireworks.

i took a video this time! but show you shots from SSD first.

here’s my video:

you know what? after it all stopped, everyone thought that was it, so we all starting moving off. then suddenly it started again! and they were my favorite type too! but too late to take out sotongball again, so i could just watch. 😦

ah wells, i love fireworks. lol. no more until 01-01-2012 i guess. boo!



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