pasta, anyone?

let’s talk about pasta today. ever since i starting schooling again, i’ve taken to budget-eating to save my resources. which means, pasta and pasta sauce!

tried this one because it was on sale. pretty mushroomy, but i won’t be getting it again. i used to finish a bottle of pasta sauce in 3 days, but i took almost 2 weeks to finish this one. seriously, it kinda turns me off pasta. =\

i’ll stick to my usual alfredo by leggo’s anytime.

… …

have been chasing lives of omission (潛行狙擊) too. it started airing in HK early this month, so i have to wait for each episode to be uploaded again.

michael tse reprises his role as laughing gor, an undercover cop. also starring bosco wong, fala chen and kate tsui. can’t wait to watch all 30 episodes! 😐

… …

popped over SSD’s place last weekend and satisfied my 宮保魚片飯 craving! (oh did i mention i satisfied my macdonald craving on friday?) but it wasn’t from the stall i preferred, so…i want to eat again! lol.

then satisfied his crab craving for dinner…

…with baby kailan and ABC soup!

i wish i could eat and eat without getting fat. can’t wait for taiwan trip now! 臭豆腐, come to mama~~

… …

a couple of meaningful pictures.

… …

one report 95% down, 3 more to go! 加油!



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