singapore science centre

guess where we went yesterday?

hehe. the singapore science centre! cos we had nowhere else to go.

i’ve always thought the science centre was some boring science museum thingy which only schools force their students to go. i think i went on a field trip to the discovery centre when i was younger. boring max! i also thought it would be pretty empty and quiet. boy was i wrong! 😉

not gonna go through all the exhibitions; just a few of my likes. so read on if you’re interested!

balls. many balls. got to do with the reflective thingy.

see that thin vertical led screen behind with the red lines? as you move the mirror, a giraffe is supposed to appear. SSD saw, me can’t.

cat or rabbit? or both?

白馬王子! created from the reflections as you can see.


can you see a cloud ring there? i made some pretty ones but sotongball is too slow to capture them.

froggie says HI! one of my faves – marine alcove!

electric eels~

puffer fish~

this is a paludarium setup, a kind of vivarium which i’m so tempted to try. scape is quite ok though i think the plants aren’t properly maintained. moss is way too overgrown and some plants were dying. sheesh. spotted a mini pitcher plant. i love plants that eat insects. really.

hello grumpy stonefish~

they have a marine aquarium.

a planted setup! soo tempting! again, not too bad scaping but poor maintenance.

there was also a fire section but the exhibits were super duper boring. it was near a cafe so we stopped for my breakfast / SSD’s lunch. sian i’m hungry now.

it’s a hamster (i think) inside. there were 4 water bottles with different tastes of water, and the purpose of this experiment was to see which one had the least water, meaning which kind of taste the rodent preferred. damn stupid if you ask me.

this was fun to watch. random buttons will light up and the purpose is to test how fast your reaction is. people high score 72, SSD’s 2 nia. tsk.

see the handphone designs in the past super orbiang one!

this one cool! it’s like kinect.

place the cards in front of the mirror and see its picture in the reflection!

this thingy also damn cool. i took a video so you can see what i mean.

before ecogarden, there was this PSLE section for kids. some stuff i remembered: growing 豆芽, cockroach being scared of pandan leaves, and…chicks! literally. newly hatched! 🙂


there was this…area where it was only this high. obviously only for children. but so not fair right? so i crawled under too.

mice! SSD no likes. boo.


then the ecogarden! very empty and quiet. i got bitten by mozzies thrice though. 😐

why do people sing lemon tree when it looks just like a plant?

baby lime.

weird red furry thingy.

mimosa! even those on the roadside have more pink flowers than these.

random flowers. just to practise macro. 😛


a lone periwinkle flower. again, even those on the roadside have more flowers. -_-

smack yourself if you don’t know what this is.

sugar apples! they’re part of the custard apple family, so i is correct too!

sometimes i amaze myself. ehh i think my plant/flower photography skills not bad leh! *HAOLIAN*

pretty pink flowers with heart-shape leaves!

if i had a longer arm this photo would be nicer. 😕

look who crossed the road!

to visit his friend! rofl.

i’ve never seen pond skaters or dragonfly nymphs before. have you?

and that’s the end of our science centre tour, cos we had to rush for our imax movie. we watched born to be wild. my first time at the omnitheatre, and the screen was so huge and amazing! but it gave me a headache though.

the film was about rescuing orphan elephants and orangutans whose mothers were killed by poachers. they were gradually released back into the wild. very heartwarming. i wish it was longer though. AND on a normal screen please. 😐

really the end liao! we still have bird park and night safari to go. omigosh so touristy. 😀



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