acnes medicated sealing jell

alrighty~ i drafted this some time ago and totally forgot about it! lol. it was until zhu asked me about pimple cream, then i suddenly remembered. tsk!

… …

my not-so-recent hauls from samplestore:

most samples nowadays come in mini tubes instead of sachets and they’re great for traveling! i’m stocking them for my taiwan trip. imagine the extra weight i can use for shopping! 😛 ok actually i’ve decided to try if i can stop using the expensive cleanser from 8-11 clinic so i’m getting lots of cleanser samples to try. =\

one of them is acnes. i’ve read many positive reviews around about the sealing jell and how it makes the pimple disappear within a few days. and so i decided to get the trial pack. before the day it arrived, i figured out i didn’t want to wait any longer, so i bought the retail on my way to school. got the cleanser as well, on impulse.

this is insignificant but i was pretty unlucky that day, so let me rant! i alighted at chongpang since it was on the way and headed straight for guardian. they only had a few tubes of creamy wash left. i went to shop N save next but they didn’t have any acnes products at all. so i went to CK last. thankfully they had the stuff. if you’ve been to chongpang, you’ll know these 3 stores aren’t exactly nearby.

then after that i went all the way back to the bus stop, and along came a bus that stated YISHUN INT. so i blindly hopped on. turned out that it was a LOOP service. i saw it turn the opposite direction from yishun interchange and went “ehh wtf?” but bo bian, alighted at the next stop and walked all the way back. by the time i reached the interchange, i was perspiring like mad. didn’t help that i didn’t get a inside seat, which meant, NO AIR CON! 

so yeah. end of rant. fml right? lol.

anyway, i reached home that night and opened the tube of jell, and to my surprise, it was sealed!

maybe it’s just me, but i really seldom come across products nowadays that are sealed like that. +1 for acnes! lol. then itchy-hand me went to open the mini sample tube, and guess what?

sample also sealed leh! +2 for acnes! 😀

this is how the jell looks like. it turns clear upon application. i experienced pretty bad stinging on my first try; think my pimples too toxic. *face palm*

some complained about the strong sulfur smell but i couldn’t smell anything! practically have to shove the tube into my nose to catch a whiff of it, which wasn’t that bad as well.

anyway, during the next few days, my smaller pimples miraculously ‘disappeared’, while the bigger ones very slowly gradually improved (or so i think). but after a while, i suppose the bacteria got immuned to it so i still keep having major breakouts. *sad face*

anyway, i realized it works as a pretty good makeup primer cos it’s drying. oh wells, please let breakouts stop before taiwan trip! *reminds herself to drink more water*



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