end of sem 1.

books have knowledge,
knowledge is power,
power corrupts,
corruption is a crime,
& crime doesn’t pay.
so if you keep reading, you’ll go broke! 😛

finally done with my exams for this semester. sales was horrible; hope i don’t fail. *touchwood* F&B and theming were better. at least i think i can pass. =x so now i have 2.5 weeks before my next (and last) semester begins. in which i’ll be alone. cos classmates i’m closer with have either graduated or are in another class. *sad face*

anyway, we spent our last day of this semester, partying! ^^ well…not exactly partying. but it kinda felt like that to me after being cooped up studying at home for the past…2.5 weeks? torture can?! finally free now!! 8)

bus-ed down to ikea for lunch after our paper. i didn’t realize it was so near! too paiseh to take wall-e out so i used froggie instead. 😐 salmon is nice!

then headed to cineleisure for movie! reminds me of my poly days where we’ll either skips lessons and go shopping or simply ‘hang out’ after classes. i likes!

hilarious! it’s also kinda the first time i heard him speak so much in a movie. i never watched the first part and this is the sequel, but it wasn’t hard to guess what happened.

[spoiler] so mr bean johnny is a secret agent who blotched up his security assignment and got suspended. he spent 5 years in tibet, learning from his eye-rolling master. mr bean + kungfu = funny! but then the agency recalled him for another mission to protect china’s premier and take down the secret conspiracy – vortex. he and his sidekick tucker is so funny! mr bean + chinese = LOL. oh ya, do stay back after the credits; it shows how johnny cooked dinner for kate and himself. 😉

go watch it online if you haven’t. don’t think i’ve ever laughed this loud and madly in the cinema before. i realize it’s pretty easy for me to go crazy with these gals as well. =)

after the show, they continued shopping at h&m while i headed off to summer sweet for mani/pedi session. a bit too early cos i think my mani will be off by next week. did their hydrating feet and arm treatment as well. shiokness!

likey my wine red nails! they’re matt, if you can’t see. i hope to find OPI and china glaze matt and crack nail polish in taiwan and i hope they’ll be cheap cheap cheap! chose a pretty turquoise for pedi but too bad cindy is on leave wednesdays, so no nail art. *sad face*

it lasted more than 2 hours and SSD had to wait for me again. had dinner at noodle star. my 揚州炒飯 is nice~ so is SSD’s soup. but prices a bit high (my bad). and there’s this waitress who gave us this you-owe-me-money-so-i’m-not-gonna-smile-at-you face. super ruin atmosphere.

things to do before flying off next week: shopping at watsons, pack luggage, get screen protector for wall-e, trim eyebrows at hougang, use my free spa session at body contours, 浪漫 with SSD at marina bay, and shopping with him (while hoping he will use his voucher to buy me stuff). heex.




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