TW day 1: 台北.西門町

it was a rather short day as we had a mid morning flight and late afternoon arrival. this 4.5hr flight was a little more bearable cos i managed to sleep and there was entertainment.

the taoyuan international airport is currently undergoing a facelift so it wasn’t visually very appealing. =\ made our way out and headed for dinner! our group was quite small; only 17 people, and we were the youngest. which made me feel old. -_- the sun sets pretty early in taiwan so by the time (around 6pm?) we reached the restaurant, it was already dark. managed to capture pretty sunset during the journey. 🙂

nice right? lol. had dinner at this chinese restaurant called 海霸王. only managed to capture the first 2 dishes. lol. it was supposed to be one of our better meals but it tasted pretty normal to me. well, partially also because without photos of every single dish, i can’t seem to remember what i ate! *ashamed*

then headed over to xi men ding (西門町), a very popular shopping district for young people. i’m not really a fan of shopping, especially at places like these, so not much comments.

this shop was recommended by the tourguide. we tried only the white bittergourd juice, which was yummy! not very bitter imho. SSD no likes though.

our room for the first two nights is at park city hotel, which overlooks the danshui river.

woke up pretty early that morning so it was lights out for us! check back for day 2! 😛



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