TW day 3: 九份.美麗華摩天輪.南平”夜市”

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it started drizzling after breakfast and by the time we reached bus terminal, it was raining pretty heavily. had to switch to public transport up to jiufen (九份). luckily we were early so we didn’t have to wait long. up there, we only visited the jiufen old street (九份老街), which was by far the narrowest street we came across this trip. still raining so no wall-e. =(

we only tried 1 of the recommended food – fishballs! we also tried the stall’s fried tanghoon and special noodles, which wasn’t really special. lol. i got my fried cuttlefish, much nicer than the grilled one i think. oh and grilled mushrooms!


the rain really ruined my mood and made shopping pretty troublesome. went back down the same way via public transport and headed back into town.

remember i mentioned i didn’t like shopping at 101? it was the same at miramar entertainment park. it’s like a huge departmental store also with expensive brands over my budget. so we headed next door, to a much more economical CARREFOUR! lols. but before that, we went up the miramar ferris wheel.

i thought wanting to take bird eye shots of the city was greater than my fear of heights. in the end the latter won. so had to depend on SSD to shoot. just a few of the nice ones.

the ferris wheel ticket came with a haagan dazs coupon so after the <20 min ride, we happily bought an ice cream (for me to 定驚). until we realized this 2-scoop ice cream costs around 7-8 sgd. @_@

dinner was at this supposedly very famous restaurant. the problem with having 團體餐 is that i cannot take photos of every dish and thus, cannot remember what i ate. so even if the food is yummy, i have no idea. unless it really really leaves such a good impression. which in this case didn’t.

back at the hotel, we were told that there was a night market nearby and since it was still pretty early, we went out for a walk.

kena cheated! cos the night market is actually this. -_-

lols. my supper and our loots. we got ourselves couple tees at this small little shop at jiufen. they mainly sell couple tees and t-shirts with funny sayings. not very expensive either.



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