TW day 4: 番茄農場.內灣.溫泉酒店

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breakfast always looks similar cos they always serve the same stuff. lol.

day 4 begins with a very healthy activity – tomato-picking! so we arrived at this tomato farm and given a basket. there were rows and rows of different types of tomato plants, but very few ripe tomatos to pick. we had to go way in before we actually saw red ones. got just a few big ones, cos i prefer baby ones but there wasn’t nice ones, and finished off with freshly-squeezed tomato juice with plum powder. lovely~

then headed to neiwan old street (內灣老街), lined with small stores and eateries offering traditional hakka food.

we were given a little time to walk around so we tried some of the snacks. like the fried ginger lily (野薑花), some mini fish balls, green glutinous-thingy, black pork 高粱酒 sausage (yes i tried this), and ginger lily dumpling (野薑花粽).


had a hakka lunch at this quaint cinema restaurant. the food was nothing special imho, but the decorations were nice!


some other stuff we spotted – small little hermit crabs! and then, we were on our way out to wait by the bus when i saw a horse! it was quite small actually, and quietly stood there to let people touch it.

as we were staying at a hot spring resort that night, the tourguide ended the day a little earlier so we could have time to enjoy the hot spring. it was my favorite room of the trip because it was so big and nice, very much like a suite! and also because dinner and breakfast the next day was much better than the rest – international buffet! lol.

the hot spring experience was okay only. the water was colorless and odorless, though i would have preferred some sulfur smell. who knows, this could have been normal hot water? oh wells.

after dinner (international buffet with sashimi!! no salmon though.), guess what we did? as it was taiwan’s 100th birthday that day, the tourguide bought 3 boxes of fireworks and set them off for us! apparently they were the bigger ones so we could only watch from afar. wall-e is just as horrible at firework-taking. -_-

gave up and video-ed the last box. and luckily i did, cos the finale was my favorite one again! yays. 😀

ended the day with a night view of taichung (台中). =)



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