TW day 6: 高鐵.集集車站.武昌宮.九族文化村.日月潭覽車

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after breakfast, we headed to zuoying train station for our HSR (high-speed rail) to chiayi.

bought some food to snack on the way. this coffee was recommended by our tourguide and i’ve been buying it almost every chance i got. it’s sold at the 7-11s and other convenience stores for only NT30-40 (~SGD1.70)! this onigiri, on the other hand, isn’t very good. bought onigiri on the last day at somewhere else and they had more variety. including lobster! *drools*

the train leaves on time and we were there just a little earlier to take photos of the train. lol.

the train apparently hit speeds up to 300km/hr but i didn’t feel anything special inside. a short while later, we reached our destination.

our next stop before lunch was the jiji railway station (集集車站). it is apparently the oldest train station left in taiwan.

mad cute mascot for one of stalls there. ^o^

also went to the nearby wuchang temple (武昌宮), which semi-collapsed during the 921 earthquake and was left untouched since then. scary~

had a quick lunch as we had to rush for the performance at the formosan aboriginal culture village (九族文化村).

the 30-min performance is basically the traditional dances by nine of the tribes in taiwan. i like the songs.

we were then given some time to walk around and play the games if we wanted to. but we didn’t.

this is where they supposedly filmed 公主小妹.

mad likes this effect! was so happy i managed to capture water like that, that i forgot about exposure and composition. -_-

there are 2 kinds of cable cars here – one will take you to the top of the culture village…

…and the other will take you across the mountains over to sun moon lake. it’s called the sun moon lake ropeway. like, duh. pardon the horrible photos in the car. i didn’t dare to move cos the car swayed enough with SSD moving around to take photos. SSD took many (probably nicer) ones but he gave me ALL of them and i’m lazy to look through them.

had dinner at the top floor of our hotel with a view overlooking the sun moon lake. pretty~! speaking of which, the hotel room was beautiful too. got a bit of balinese feel.

after dinner, we explored the dark streets nearby, got some tea for ah gong, and 臭豆腐 again for me! the grilled one unfortunately.

1.5 days left! gonna schedule the next 2 posts for next week so do check back! =\



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