jumbo seafood waterfront

yay food post~! 😛

took family out for an early birthday dinner at indoor stadium’s jumbo. chose this place since it’s nearer to my ah gong’s place and as an alternative to our usual seafood international. took the set menu for 8 pax even though we had 9 pax. (we got the set menu G @ $328++. different outlets offer different sets at different prices.)

gave us cute little napkins to wear (for chilli crab) in case we dirty ourselves.

jumbo appetizer four – fried youtiao, fried tofu, prawn salad, and some meat salad thingy. everything but the meat is nice. lol. but i was certainly expecting something more expensive than tofu and youtiao. -_-

boiled live prawns. nice and fresh. but they vary in size. and some are small. =\

seafood corn soup. ok this one i got no complaint. it tastes like sharks’ fin, especially after adding pepper and vinegar, but i can eat it cos there’s no sharks’ fin in it! yay! mine had chunks of sotong and crab meat. lovely~

stir fried cuttlefish & broccoli with XO sauce. the veggies are a little hard but the sauce is yummy!

live sea bass steamed with minced garlic. the fish is pathetically small. @_@ but the sauce/garlic is nice and the fish fresh and not overcooked. i likes!

chilli crab. why is it in a claypot? -_- it tastes pretty ok to me, perhaps a little not spicy enough. not really fantastic though.

fried rice with diced chicken & silver bait. they said this was nice, but i find it so-so only. maybe it’s because they diced the chicken so small that i can’t pick all of them out. why can’t they use shrimps or something else? =(

sweet potato sago. we were like “wow!” when it was brought out. perhaps cos it was so pretty. lol. this was refreshing. not too sweet, but yummy. don’t have sweet potato taste though. *shrugs*

and last but not least, birthday cake! and guess what? i didn’t take photo of the cake! rofl~! it’s the lychee martini cake from pine garden that i bought for my dad some years ago. and again, overwhelming lychee taste and no martini. lol. but it’s so simple and pink and purple and pretty! 😀

overall verdict – i’ll probably stick to our usual in future. even though the service is better at jumbo, the food and environment wins hands down (to me) at seafood international. what do you think?



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