how i spent my birthday :)

so, my birthday this year is over and done with. blogging barely an hour after midnight just shows how pathetic my birthday is this year – nua at home the whole morning/afternoon and then head down to school. by the way, class today was fun though. then SSD showed up outside school. he kinda made it obvious he would be coming, so…not surprised. LOL. can’t go anywhere else but home because he wants to go back and download movies while i have class again tomorrow. so yeah, pathetic right? 😐

it seems that as i get older, my life gets more boring. no more skipping school and hanging out at macdonalds. no more pubbing and going crazy. no more bbqs and gatherings. so boring!! 😦

anyway, SSD bought me an anklet. pretty little dolphins! and noisy bell. no more sneaking up and scaring people now, cos i’m so ‘noisy’. lols.

have been wanting one for ages but putting off buying mainly because i’ve lost all my previous ones. they break and drop off and go missing so easily. let’s hope i don’t lose this one.

on a side note, SSD has given me a complete set of jewellery now – earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring and now, anklet. i have so many other jewellery not worn for the last 2 years because i don’t want to remove what he has given. maybe i’ll donate them to flea markets. *shrugs*

school tomorrow. plus steamboat bbq buffet! yay!



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