happy belated halloween~

since it was halloween yesterday, i shall do a short scary post today. if you’ve been following my twitter, you should know i’m recently hooked on the vampire diaries (VD). i’m halfway through season one and already finding SO MANY similarities between it and the twilight saga (TS). vampire moves to small town, goes to high school, falls in love with high school girl, newborn vampires, thirst, forever youth…and much more stuff like that.

but the difference is, VD seems so much darker than TS. so many times i actually jump when something pops up suddenly on screen, or hide behind my fingers when i feel something is gonna appear. there’s so much more blood and gore as well. and instead of vampires vs werewolves, VD has vampires and witches! lol.

but i think the main reason why these stuff are so popular are, eye candy! say ang moh vampire, and you get these:

(left to right: stefan salvatore, damon salvatore, edward cullen)




say chinese vampire, and you get these instead:

(left to right: 殭屍, 殭屍, 殭屍)

okay i shall continue my VD, which by now i’m sure you all know why i’m hooked. *points to first 2 ang moh vampires*



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