triumph in the skies

nothing to do these few days, so i started watching triumph in the skies again. besides reminding me about SIA, it also brought up memories of the triangel. from the stories behind the triangel, to wanting one of my own, to how yean helped me find it. as much as i want to believe in it, reality proves otherwise. or perhaps what i thought happened didn’t happen at all. maybe what they said was true, that it will bring you and your true love happily together. i don’t know. i hope mine works this way. lol. xD

king of wands indicates i should take charge to overthrow old ideas with my own new, bold ones. what does it mean? should i take up the english/psychology degree? it is in fact a far cry from the tourism route i’m ‘supposed’ to take. or maybe i should take up zoology instead. is this idea new and bold enough? *sighx*


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